Construction/Coverage Buildout Notification For FCC Licensees

Current Construction/Coverage Filing:

The FCC requires most wireless telecommunications services licenses a.) to construct their authorized system or meet specific coverage requirements within a given time period and b.) to notify the Commission that the requirement has been met. This time period varies depending on the radio service in which the license is held. The construct deadline date can be referenced on a “Station Authorization”(license) to the right of the frequency or frequencies newly issued.

When a licensee fails to construct a frequency, fails to construct a location, fails to construct an entire license, or fails to meet a coverage requirement, the frequency, location, or license terminates automatically as of the applicable construction/coverage deadline.

Extension of Time Construction/Coverage:

Licensees may request to extend a construction or coverage period by filing a Request for Extension of Time. Please note: this request must be filed before the expiration of the construction or coverage period and does not automatically extend the construction/coverage period.

Petition of Reconsideration:

When a licensee does not file the Required Notification or Request for Extension of Time, the FCC will presume that the license, location, or frequency has not been constructed, or the coverage requirement has not been met and place the license, location, or frequency in “termination pending” status for 30 days. A Petition of Reconsideration is required. If, by the end of that 30-day period the licensee does not file a petition of reconsideration, then the FCC will change the status of the license, location or frequency to “Terminated,” effective the date of construction or coverage deadline.

Late Filing Waiver:

A late waiver construction notification is required for an unconstructed frequency or location or license issued before February 1, 2005. The FCC will not accept any further modifications, changes or renewal of an unconstructed license until the late waiver construction is filed.

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