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Federal Communications Commission (FCC) License Renewal and Compliance Management

In order to maintain operating authority you must submit an application for renewal of your call sign(s). Refer to 47 CFR §1.949 for FCC rules on timely filings (Specified renewal time frame; must be filed no later than expiration date of the authorization.  Any application filed after expiration but within the 30 day grace period will require a late file waiver plus associated rule waiver fee).

Federal License Management is committed to assisting the FCC licensee in all aspects of obtaining and maintaining their Radio Authorization License.

Federal License Management accepts checks, purchase order, or credit card payments.

Please make checks payable to: Federal License Management.

If you choose to mail the Data Form and Payment:

Office of Compliance Administration
175 Pine St, Suite 104
Williamsport, PA. 17701-6549

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