New FCC License Application

Federal Communication Commission Part 90 Land Mobile Radio Licensing

New FCC License Application

Public Safety - Department of Homeland Security, Business & Industrial - Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

All new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Mobile Radio Licensing Applications require FCC Form 601/605 and Schedules D and H. In addition, new applications are mandated to process through frequency coordination for frequency assignments as well as to insure your application is compliant with FCC rules & regulations. In addition, you may also require a Special Temporary Authority (STA), and /or FAA/FCC Tower Registration.

License Preparation Fee Schedule

*The fees charged by the Federal License Management are for the preparation of an application for licensing by the FCC and DO NOT include the coordination fees charged by frequency coordinators.

Please click the “e-file” button below, complete the data form and submit.

e-file – New FCC License Application


Applications are prepared and submitted for frequency coordination

  • Form 601 Main Form (Administrative data, certification statements, signature) $150
  • Each Schedule D (Station location information) $100
  • Schedule H, page 1 (Eligibility, associated call signs, control point information) $50
  • Schedule H, page 2 (Antenna information) $50
  • Schedule H, page 3 (Frequency information) $5.00 for each line – $100 minimum

Additional FCC application services provided

  • Special Temporary Authority (Recommended for expired licenses) $300
  • Assignment of Authorization (Fee includes assignor and assignee submissions) $300
  • Schedule K (Required Notification for Wireless Services) $100
  • ASR Registrations (Register FAA information with the FCC) $225
  • Renewal Only (Renewal within 90 day prior to expiration) $100
  • FRN Registration (Register applicant’s Taxpayer Identification Number with the FCC) $100
  • Renewal/Mod (Renewal within 30 days after expiration) $100
  • License Cancellation $100
  • Administrative Updates $100


Federal License Management will accept checks, purchase order, credit card payments, or a signed and dated letter of authorization. Please make checks payable to: Federal License Management.

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